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‘This is the hardest I’ve felt in the past 30 years’: An earthquake diagram

New York City residents have been living through a seismic event with little warning, and some of the

Which was the most powerful earthquake ever?

A magnitude-6.8 earthquake shook parts of southern California on Sunday night and a magnitude-5.6 ear

How to keep your house and home safe following the 2016 Nepali earthquake

A powerful earthquake shook the Indian state of Nepal last month, killing at least 2,300 people, inju

What happened at Fukushima Daiichi?

FUKUSHIMA, Japan — It was a dark night and foggy morning.The wind whipped up the leaves and the

Video: The Biggest Earthquake in California’s History | MTV News

Valdivia, California, November 21, 2020–(AP: John Angelillo)The epicenter of a powerful earthqu

How to calculate the strongest earthquake in the US since 1900

Strongest earthquake in US since 1901 in the western United States.pic.twitter.com/z3c7wzq6lKp — US

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