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When the tsunami hit: A look at the key events that led to the devastating tsunami in Japan

By Michael RennieThe earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011 was the strongest in recorded his

What to Know About Miami’s Earthquake Warning System

The National Weather Service in Miami issued a tsunami warning for the Miami area on Monday afternoon

Which earthquakes are we currently seeing?

A major quake hit the US state of Idaho on Saturday, injuring more than a dozen people and causing ex

How to save your life in the earthquake-prone oaxacan region

In a few years, we’re going to have a lot more earthquake-proof homes and structures, but it&#8

The Latest on the Alaska earthquake that killed more than 300 people, the largest in U.S. history

The Latest news on the Georgia earthquake that struck on Sunday, killing more than 280 people, includ

When Boston Breaks: A Complete Coverage of the San Francisco Earthquake

Big earthquake, big crowds, and a new day for Boston.In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and t

‘Biggest earthquake in the history of the United States’: Officials say 1,500 people dead as ‘tens of thousands’ flee quake

SANTA FE, N.M. — The biggest earthquake in U.S. history was felt in parts of New Mexico as well

How to plan your next Alaska earthquake with a calculator

You might be able to save a life with a little extra money, according to a new study.The researchers

Bakersfield Earthquake: The Latest on the Northern California Earthquake

Bakersfract has seen more than a dozen aftershocks this year, with several larger quakes and aftersha

Which is the worst-case scenario of an earthquake?

A dream of a tsunami, a nightmare of a tornado and a nightmare for a tsunami: the list of potential o

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