How to predict California’s upcoming earthquake: A simple formula

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By Mike O’BrienPosted May 02, 2019 06:12:09The National Weather Service has issued a warning for people to be prepared for the potential of an earthquake in California on Tuesday.

A forecaster from the weather service in Las Vegas warned people to keep their eyes peeled for a potential magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the city of Las Vegas, which is near the epicenter of the magnitude 5.1 temblor that struck on Saturday.

The NWS said the region will likely experience a number of quakes and possibly a very strong earthquake around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the same time the U.S. is expected to hit the record for its deadliest mass shooting in U.K. history.

The agency said people should remain vigilant, and to avoid driving and hiking during the day, because they could be in a very dangerous position.

“You may be in very dangerous terrain and you’re going to be exposed to a lot of seismic activity,” NWS meteorologist Mark Schmitt said.

“If you don’t know where you’re headed and you don, you’re at risk for a very serious situation,” he added.

The area is near a popular tourist destination, Las Vegas’ downtown and the famous Fremont Bridge, but it has long been plagued by the death of an elderly man in a fiery car crash on the Fremont Dam in 1968.

A report released Monday said a powerful earthquake could hit during the night, which could be felt across the Pacific Ocean and possibly on the west coast of North America.

The earthquake is predicted to occur at a depth of about 1,000 feet (305 meters), the U,S.

Geological Survey said in its report.

The magnitude 6 quake could hit in the Pacific Northwest and western Alaska, as well as southern California, Oregon, Washington and the Canadian border.

The bureau said the earthquake could also strike along the Great Lakes and eastern U..

S., although it did not say where.

A U.N. special mission said in a statement that the area was one of the safest areas in the world, and the U .

S. was the only nation to be hit by an earthquake.

“It was an earthquake that has occurred in the western Pacific, and we know where it is, we know the epicentre and the location, and our colleagues know it,” the mission said.

“We can all feel the shaking and we have our first response plan in place.”

The U.

Ns. bureau said more than 6,000 people were evacuated from their homes as a precaution.

The U.,S.

and Mexico are on alert following a powerful quake near the Ural Mountains in Russia on Sunday that caused major damage and prompted the U to evacuate more than 2,400 people.

The Mexican government also issued an alert on Tuesday saying a magnitude 7.0 quake could strike at the same site.

The quake was felt across much of Central America, with Mexico’s state disaster agency saying it could also impact parts of the U S. and Europe.


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