How to avoid being sued for suing the internet

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Posted October 05, 2018 06:21:13 The US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a Florida man who was charged with copyright infringement after suing a website he says was a parody of his show.

The US Supreme Judicial Court issued a ruling on Friday, overturning a lower court ruling that said the case had no merit.

The ruling does not overturn the lower court’s ruling, but instead says the case is being mooted.

The Supreme Court ruling did not mention the court’s decision in the Florida case, which was brought by the defendant, who said he was entitled to a jury trial.

The court said it had no reason to believe that the case would have a similar outcome in any other jurisdiction, such as New York, where the defendant had appealed the lower courts ruling.

The case had been before the state’s supreme court before it was dismissed.

The defendant, Christopher B. Taylor, said the lawsuit was being mootened to avoid a defamation lawsuit, but his attorneys argued that was not the case.

In its decision, the court rejected arguments by Taylor’s attorneys that he should be granted a jury and that the Supreme Court should grant his request to have the case thrown out.

Taylor’s lawyers argued the state was violating his right to due process by denying him the right to have his case dismissed.

The court disagreed.

“This case has no merit,” the court wrote.

“We cannot conclude that this case is mooted to avoid or evade the burden of a lawsuit.

Instead, it is a matter of law.”

The ruling said the state had a strong interest in protecting the integrity of the Internet and the Internet as a medium of expression.

The ruling is likely to raise concerns for some lawyers in other states where similar cases have been filed.

In New York and Pennsylvania, cases involving copyright and trademark infringement have been brought in state courts.


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