US officials say US Geological Survey has found no seismic activity in ridge crest area

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A US Geological survey said Tuesday that there was no seismic disturbance in a mountainous ridgecretes near the Colorado border that was recorded by US Geological Surveys seismic mapping service.

The USGS said the data was collected in March, but it was not immediately available for an update on the status of the data.

“We have not found any seismic activity to date in the ridgecres,” the USGS told the Colorado Public Radio.

The USGS’s report did not address the possibility of the ridge’s summit cracking or collapsing, or a possible seismic event that could cause a massive earthquake in the region.

The region’s top geologist, Brian D. Pyle, said in a statement Tuesday that he is “not confident” in the US Geological surveys data, which is part of a much larger effort to map the area.

“It is possible that the US government did not include the survey site in the map or that it did not complete the mapping at all,” Pyle said.

“As such, we have no confidence in the accuracy of the USG-SMS data.”

The US Geological service began mapping the area in 2000.

The company was funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which was supposed to have the responsibility for mapping and assessing the area for possible earthquakes.

Piles of debris and other materials were collected by the Corps.


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