How to find the best weather for the New Year

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The New Year’s Eve storm was forecast to be much stronger than it turned out to be.

The USGS forecast the storm would reach the eastern coast of North America, but as it started to weaken it became apparent that it would reach its maximum strength in the southern hemisphere.

It is forecast to cause the most damage to Australia, but not New Zealand, and will be a relatively quiet event.

The storms will cause a major disruption to air travel in Australia and the US, which is already under severe weather warnings.ABC Weather presenter Dan O’Brien said the storm was likely to have some impact on people who have not had to make their way to the airport, as people travelling from the north-west may find it harder to get to their flights.

“I’m not sure how much disruption we can expect, but it will be pretty big, and you’ll see a lot of disruption around Melbourne,” Mr O’Connor said.

The storm also left many Australians wondering if they would be able to find food in time for Christmas.

“People are wondering if there will be enough food on the shelves in time, which may mean that there won’t be as many stores open for food, but there will still be plenty,” he said.

“So, people will be hungry, but I think there will probably be a lot more than usual.”

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