How to survive California earthquake: Get your emergency kit from an Irish company

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On Friday night, thousands of people were still being evacuated from the small town of Los Angeles after a devastating earthquake and after a deadly aftershock triggered by the magnitude 6.8 Loma Prieta quake hit California, killing at least 11 people and destroying more than 100 homes.

Some 300,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in the region. 

On Sunday, Irish companies were among those offering supplies in a bid to save lives. 

The Irish company Sinex are providing generators, tents and emergency vehicles, and are also offering a $20,000 (€17,600) reward for information leading to the capture of the earthquake’s killer. 

“It’s absolutely a tragedy that the lives of so many people have just been ruined,” Sinex director Jim McQuaid said.

“I think the biggest thing for us is to make sure that we’re providing the same level of assistance that we would for any other disaster.” 

The company’s website warns that there are two ways to help:  “Either donate, volunteer or find a way to donate to a local disaster relief organization that you feel is doing the right thing in the immediate area.” 

According to the website, the company is also offering support in other ways. 

For people living in remote areas, they are offering “a complimentary meal and a full weekend’s accommodation”.

For those in the “high-risk” areas, there is also a special fund of $25,000 to help.

“The majority of people who live in the high-risk areas will be receiving a free week’s accommodation and a weekend’s holiday in Los Angeles,” the website states. 

Irish companies also offer free accommodation and holiday assistance, but only in areas with high levels of unemployment. 

More to come.


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