How to avoid a N.S.A. surveillance program that may have helped prevent an earthquake

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The government has secretly deployed a software program to help track potential earthquake victims, including individuals with disabilities, according to a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union.

The program, called the Integrated Biometrics Integration System (IBIS), is designed to gather data about the location of people with disabilities and others living with disabilities at specific times and in specific locations.

The government uses the data to identify potential quake victims and help track them down in the event of an earthquake, according the ACLU report, which was obtained by The Wall Street Journal.IBIS uses facial recognition technology to analyze the facial images of individuals in real time, then automatically sends those images to law enforcement agencies who can analyze them to identify individuals with the disability.

The database, which has been secretly installed since at least 2015, collects the information for about a year before it is shared with the government and then disseminates it to other government agencies, the report says.

The DHS, which is responsible for oversight of the program, has declined to comment.

The U.S., however, said it is reviewing the report and that the department has not deployed any new technology.


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