Why we can’t predict earthquakes from weather patterns

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A powerful earthquake struck near Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday, sending powerful tremors across the area and causing power outages in the area, officials said.

The epicenter was about 6 miles (10 kilometers) northwest of Yellowstone, and was centered in a depression called the Wobegon Crater.

The powerful earthquake was felt by as far away as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan, according to the USGS.

It shook homes and other buildings in Yellowstone and other nearby communities, sending a few residents to the hospital, according the US Geological Survey.

The earthquake was centered at a depth of about 1.5 miles (2 kilometers), said John Kopp, a spokesman for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The epicenter of the quake was about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of Yellowstone and about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of a town about 100 kilometers (62 kilometers) west of the park, Kopp said.

Power outages were widespread in parts of Yellowstone’s towns, which were mostly uninhabited.

Yellowstone National Park officials said power outage alerts were issued for areas around the park for a period of two to three hours and a temporary power outage was declared for a time of 24 hours.

There were no reported injuries in the incident.

A massive earthquake in the United States struck New Mexico’s capital city of Albuquerque, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 200, and injuring about 50 people.

Officials have said that a magnitude 7.3 quake hit New Mexico about a half hour after midnight local time.


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