California Earthquake: What you need to know

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Today is a big day for those who are still living in the epicenter of the earthquake and tsunami.

The earthquake has been called a “cascadian earthquake” by seismologists and it’s the most powerful in history, shaking the entire state of California.

The USGS says it’s at magnitude 7.3 and will likely have a larger impact than any quake in the country’s history.

The earthquake struck just over a month ago.

It is the strongest quake in California since 1906, when a magnitude 7-8 quake hit the state.

It was felt all over the state, but was particularly powerful in the north of the state – where the quake struck.

The quake was so powerful that it caused the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean to be inundated, the USGS said.

The magnitude 7 quake, located about 20km south of the city of Los Angeles, has caused the evacuation of millions of people and damaged thousands of buildings, including hotels, hospitals and schools.

The USGS also said the quake was felt across parts of Europe, including France, Italy, Germany and the UK.

The epicenter was in the coastal town of Lassen, in northern California.

It’s the second-largest city in the state after San Francisco, and it is about 40km west of Los Angles.

It’s not clear what caused the quake, but the US Geological Survey says the fault lines are in a “very well-preserved” state.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said it felt a tsunami on Saturday morning in the Pacific Northwest.

There is no immediate threat to the region.ABC News’ Paul Pate, Mark Felsenthal, Steve Waddell and Kevin Sieff contributed to this report.


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