How to spot the signs of a possible earthquake in India?

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A possible earthquake has rattled parts of India’s northern Karnataka state, where at least 15 people have died in the latest case of the devastating Nepal-India border earthquake, the latest in a series that has killed more than 100,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands.

The quake struck at about 6.30pm (0830 GMT) on Wednesday evening and triggered a tsunami that killed at least 16 people in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

The magnitude 6.5 quake struck near the coastal city of Kozhikode, near the northern Indian state’s border with Nepal, and the death toll is expected to rise.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake struck close to the Indian-administered border between Nepal and Bangladesh.

The tsunami killed at most 16 people.

The latest quake, the strongest since 2008, struck just hours after India’s worst nuclear power plant meltdown, triggering a chain reaction of power outages and other natural disasters across the country.

“There is no immediate threat to India,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a news conference on Thursday, adding that the situation was under control and that he was hopeful that the country would be able to resume normalcy by Sunday.

India’s National Disaster Management Authority said on Twitter that the death count in the capital of Kolkata had risen to 15.

The death toll from the latest quake was expected to increase.

It was unclear what triggered the quake, but a strong earthquake is always an indication of an earthquake.


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