5 of the most important earthquakes in the US

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5 of 7 The US Geological Survey has just released a list of the 5 most important earthquake events of 2016, the most of any year in US history. 

As we reported on Tuesday, the USGS has previously reported the most earthquakes of any of its volunteers since 1900, a period during which earthquakes were still relatively rare. 

The new list, which is now available online for anyone to view, breaks down the 5 earthquakes that shook the United States in 2016 into a list of 5 quakes that shook each of the 50 states. 

Among the 5 more important earthquakes that occurred in 2016, the biggest and most destructive was the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 1,300 people and left thousands homeless in Columbus, Ohio. 

But the biggest quake of the year was the 8.2 magnitude quake that destroyed much of eastern and southern Louisiana and killed at least 50 people. 

There were also 5 powerful earthquakes in 2016, but they were mostly smaller magnitude events. 

 The largest motor vehicle-induced earthquake of the century was the 8.6 magnitude Quake of February 25, 2016 that killed at most 100 people and injured many more. 

One of the worst events of the year, the 8,5 magnitude quake that shocked much of the eastern United States on February 14, left at least 300 dead. 

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