How to Protect Your Family in the Earthquake: Japan Earthquake 2020

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A powerful earthquake that hit the central Japanese island of Kyushu in November left at least 15 dead and more than 1,000 injured.

It also left at the epicenter of the 7.1 magnitude quake a tsunami that triggered an earthquake that destroyed several homes and damaged hundreds of others.

The earthquake’s epicenter is in Japan’s far northwest, in the province of Okinawa.

It was triggered by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake off the coast of Japan’s Okinawa prefecture that was followed by a larger aftershock that struck a small village near the epicentre.

Kyushu has a population of around 2.5 million.

The earthquake was the worst-ever recorded in Japan, according to the US Geological Survey.

It caused an estimated $1.6 trillion in damage, according the Japan Meteorological Agency, including at least $700 million in compensation.

The tsunami triggered by the quake hit at least a dozen Japanese islands, with at least 1,700 people killed.

More than 400 people died in the earthquake’s aftermath, including many in Japan.

More: Japan’s earthquake recovery plans are complicated by the earthquake, the government said in a statement.

The country’s cabinet on Thursday approved a $600 million plan to recover from the disaster.

The quake was followed weeks later by a 6.1-magnitude aftershock.

The waves generated by the temblor shook Japan’s coastal regions and caused landslides that blocked roads and damaged homes.

The aftermath of the tsunami that damaged homes in Okinawa and the city of Kyokushu, near Kyushus coast.

(Kyokushus Governor’s Office) The earthquake hit near the coast, with waves hitting the capital Tokyo at a height of 8.7 meters (25 feet) and hitting other coastal areas, causing damage to cars and buildings, according a government statement.

The government’s disaster plan calls for evacuations to the prefecture of Oita, the capital of the neighboring island of Hokkaido, which is home to about 400,000 people, and the surrounding islands.

It has also set up relief centers in some of the most vulnerable areas.

The US Geological Society’s earthquake map shows that the tsunami triggered a 6-miles (11-kilometers) of tsunami at the time of the quake.

The quake, which killed more than 6,000, was followed immediately by a 7.0-miler (20-kilometer) aftershock in the area.

The Japanese government has called for a $2.4 billion tsunami-recovery plan for Kyushukas prefecture, where the tsunami caused a magnitude 6.7 quake.

Japan’s government says it is working to identify the magnitude 7 quake’s epicentres.


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