Which countries are most at risk of an earthquake in 2024?

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The global earthquake outbreak is likely to rise to a magnitude 5.8, with most likely to hit the Pacific, and is likely also to be felt across the Indian Ocean, according to the latest Global Earthquake Network (GEIN) report.

The report, published by the US Geological Survey, said the odds of a quake hitting the Pacific coast of the US are “about one in six”.

The odds of an event hitting the US East Coast are also likely to be about one in four.

The latest report also said there was a 90% probability of an impact of a magnitude 3 or larger on the Pacific Rim.

The US Geological Service said that the earthquake was caused by an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7, but did not elaborate.

The quake is expected to cause some damage but no deaths or serious injuries.

It is likely the area affected will be heavily populated, with many homes and businesses destroyed.

A US official said: “It’s not clear yet what the impact is going to be, but we are seeing a number of deaths.”

US President Donald Trump was briefed by the National Security Council about the earthquake earlier this week.

He said on Twitter that the US was taking measures to ensure safety of the American people, and that he was “very, very concerned” by the quake.


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