Mexico earthquake reno: 5 dead, 4 injured, one hospitalized, hundreds evacuated

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Mexico’s death toll from a magnitude-7.8 earthquake that killed at least five people and injured more than 400 others was higher than originally reported by authorities, the U.S. Geological Survey said Friday.

Mexico’s government has said it could not confirm that the quake was caused by natural causes.

A U.N. relief agency said at least 30 people had been killed in Mexico and a number of people had died as of Friday.

The United States has confirmed that two U.K. aid workers have died in Mexico as well as a Canadian aid worker.

Mexico is still awaiting the results of the U of T earthquake study and is investigating whether any further quake damage was caused during the quake, said Mexico’s government spokesman Alejandro Beltran.

The Mexican government is conducting an internal probe into the incident, he said.

Beltran said the number of fatalities could climb as people flee the quake area.

The government was working to find survivors and determine whether anyone was injured, Beltran said.

A U.T. seismologist who was at the scene of the quake said the quake’s epicenter was at a depth of about 12 kilometers (7 miles) but said the damage was confined to a few miles in a few places.

The U.s.

Geological Services said its earthquake analysis shows the quake generated a “very low probability” of causing a magnitude 7.8 quake, the second-smallest possible to trigger an earthquake, but it said the magnitude was within the range of natural disasters.

The agency said it was still assessing the damage caused by the quake.

The quake’s damage is confined to about three to five square kilometers in areas in the eastern part of Mexico, the agency said.

The earthquake occurred at a time when the region is experiencing a drought, which has resulted in many farmers and other rural workers laying off workers.


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