Why Kansas and Kansas City have a strong earthquake history and where they’re headed in 2020

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We’ve had a number of earthquakes in the last couple of decades, but there’s been no significant earthquake activity since the late 1960s.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of the Great Oklahoma Earthquake, which hit the state’s Big Bend region in July 1975.

There were a few more earthquakes during that period, but the Great Earthquake of 1921 hit just a few miles from the Great Bend in Wichita.

Here’s a look at what the state has experienced over the years, and where we’re headed next year.

Wichita’s earthquake history The Great Oklahoma earthquake that struck in July of 1975 killed over 1,500 people in the Wichita area.

It’s the worst earthquake in Wichita’s history, and it’s also the city’s worst-hit.

A large section of the city collapsed, causing over $100 million in damages.

The quake destroyed most of Wichita’s downtown, the main artery connecting it to the rest of the state.

The area has since been reconstructed, and the region is still recovering.

Over the years the city has rebuilt, but for many it’s a daunting task.

The city’s new downtown is the third-most expensive in the nation, and there’s no way to avoid the downtown’s downtown area, which has been the subject of many redevelopment proposals.

Kansas City’s earthquake activity Wichita’s population has increased significantly over the last few decades, from roughly 9,000 in 1990 to over 25,000 today.

According to the most recent Census data, Kansas City now has the most population growth of any major metropolitan area in the country.

However, the city still has an earthquake history.

The Great Earthquake occurred in 1921, but it caused a large earthquake that knocked down parts of Wichita.

The region is a natural seismological hotspot, and several small earthquakes have been recorded there since the 1930s.

The largest earthquake in Kansas history in 1921 was about 15 miles (24 kilometers) wide, and was centered about 100 miles (161 kilometers) west of the Wichita River.

The earthquake was the largest since 1900, and left a large hole in the ground.

In the mid-1960s, an earthquake that was similar in size but larger hit the city of Pawnee, Oklahoma.

The event was so intense that it caused widespread damage, and a massive landslide damaged buildings.

In 1978, a magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit the town of Westfield, Kansas, and nearly 250 people died.

The next largest earthquake was in 1983, when a magnitude 4.3 quake struck Kansas City, Kansas.

A small earthquake in the area of 6.7 in 1984 shook the entire town of Wichita, causing $1.4 billion in damages, but nobody died in that earthquake.

Kansas also experienced three smaller earthquakes between the 1960s and the 1970s, but those were relatively small, lasting only about five minutes.

In 1971, the largest earthquake ever recorded in the United States happened in the city in the middle of Kansas, where a magnitude 3.1 quake hit the Wichita region.

There was a brief aftershock that brought the city back to normal by the afternoon, but that earthquake also caused widespread destruction.

It took an earthquake of that magnitude to knock down the Kansas City Public Library in the early 1970s.

Another earthquake in 1977 brought significant damage to Wichita, and residents had to leave the city because of its dangerous geology.

However it wasn’t until 1978 that Wichita experienced a magnitude 6.0 quake.

The following year, another large earthquake struck, and people in Wichita had to evacuate.

The Kansas City Earthquake Museum is a public place that serves as a reminder of what a magnitude 7.0 earthquake could look like.

However that was a very short earthquake, and only caused minor damage.

It was the second earthquake in as many years in Wichita in 2019, and officials say the city is back on the mend.

The new downtown Wichita’s new skyline The new building on the west side of the downtown is going to be a big deal.

The project will replace the former Wichita Convention Center, which is now a parking lot.

It will also be home to a new convention center that will include a hotel and restaurants.

The hotel and restaurant will be designed by the renowned architecture firm M.E. Brown.

It won’t be open until 2020, but some of the amenities already in place will be there, such as an outdoor plaza and a new bar and restaurant.

It also comes with a new roof, and will feature a new floor.

Some of the hotels on the property will be remodeled.

A new hotel in the Kansas Convention Center in Kansas City.

The building on either side of downtown will be an example of the kind of urban renewal that has been underway in the region.

A big part of that has included new hotels.

A number of the hotel projects have been planned in Wichita, including a $1 billion hotel and retail development that is currently under construction.

The Grand Hotel, the


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