A swarm of nisqally earthquakes hits central Mexico as temblors surge ahead of historic temblor – AP

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By ALEXANDER GONZALEZAPAL, Associated PressA swarm of earthquakes hit central Mexico on Tuesday, raising fears of more damaging quakes in the region that has been battered by an earthquake swarm for two weeks.

The quake swarm hit at 3:43 p.m.

(7:43 a.m., EDT) in the city of Nuevo Laredo and in the state of Chiapas, said Eduardo Guerrero, a professor at the University of Nacional Autonomous Technologico de Ciudad Juarez, the state’s main research agency.

It is likely to continue until early Wednesday morning, he said.

The epicenter was centered in the town of Nuesco, about 80 miles (120 kilometers) east of Mexico City, Guerrero said.

In Chiapatas, a major quake in September killed 11 people and injured thousands.

A second quake hit on Tuesday.

The swarm was triggered by a magnitude-5.3 quake near Nuevos La Rancheros, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

It occurred shortly after noon (11 a.d.

Wednesday) and caused damage and injuries that were not immediately known.

The U.N. warned in a statement that the area is at high risk for further quakes.

The area is a key crossroads for people and goods traveling from the U-MIS to the border.


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