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How to avoid an earthquake in Texas

How to stay safe in an earthquake: Don’t leave valuables unattended in your home or car.Also, d

Earthquake tracker has ‘most powerful’ magnitude on record in New Delhi

The quake measuring a magnitude of 7.8 struck near the city of New Delhi, and the Indian Space Resear

How to avoid a devastating earthquake in Alaska

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake in the northern Alaska coastal town of Santa Barbara has killed at least o

What is a Starburst?

San Francisco’s Starburst is a big one, the most destructive in recent history, and it’s

A quake in Kansas could be the most powerful quake in U.S. history

The epicenter of an earthquake near the Kansas City area on Tuesday night could be as strong as the 9

Why you should be worried about the US’s tsunami risk

Posted November 13, 2018 14:03:24Japan’s government on Friday said it had identified a new magn

How Utah’s ‘Big One’ Could Be Worse Than Oklahoma’s, Study Says

How did the U.S. get to the point of having one of the most deadly natural disasters in history?It&#8

SoCal earthquake in Wichita is so strong that it’s not even a quake, seismologist says

An earthquake in southwestern California was so strong and sudden that it was not a quake.The magnitu

How to tell the difference between an earthquake and a tsunami

As a result of the April 2015 earthquake and tsunami in Taiwan, the country’s tsunami alert sys

How to avoid the worst earthquakes in the U.S. 2020

A lot has changed since 1985.The U.P.O. quake that killed about 100 people in Colorado, a magnitude 7

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