‘Tears in my eyes’: New Orleans woman who was killed by a massive earthquake in 2020 says ‘I cried out in pain’

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A former student of the University of New Orleans who lost her mother to the earthquake that killed her family in 2020 told Newsweek that she was still “shocked” by the loss of her mother and had “felt very bad” the day of the quake.

Sarah Gertz, 20, died after being struck by a huge aftershock as she walked home from the University Medical Center in New Orleans.

She was the first person killed in the earthquake, which struck at 7:33 p.m. local time (2:33 a.m., ET) on June 6, 2020.

She and her mother, Susan Gertze, both 20, were killed in a second aftershock that hit the same hour, killing two more people.

“It’s hard to explain,” Gertzi said.

“I cried in pain.”

Gertzes family has not been able to recover from the loss.

“My mother and father are gone,” she said.

But she said she was glad she was alive when the earthquake struck.

“There was a lot of pain in that moment,” she recalled.

“Even now I have some of that.

It’s so hard to accept it.”

Gethze, who was a student of Gertzing, graduated in 2018 and was working at a local nursing home when the quake hit.

“The first thing I did was call my mom, and my mom said, ‘Sarah, I’m in shock,'” she recalled, adding that she has “some tears in my stomach” as she recounts the events of the day.

Gertzie, who attended the University at Albany, said she did not consider herself “very religious,” but her mother had “been praying a lot.”

“I felt like a part of the universe, but not like a deity,” she explained.

“She’s very kind, very generous.

She made me feel that she cared about me.”

Gretz was working as a social worker in New York when she got a job in New Orlean.

“So much of the work that she did was her own work,” Gethz said.

The hospital where she worked, the Saint-Charles Medical Center, was in the midst of a reorganization and rebuilding.

Gethzer’s mother had been the director of a nursing home, which had opened in 2018.

“All of us nurses are very loyal to our families,” Githze said.

Githz’s aunt, Tariq Gertzan, also remembered her.

“That was the hardest thing I ever had to do,” she remembered.

“We lost her because we trusted her so much.”

Githzes mother had moved to New Orleans with her husband, a civil engineer, from New York City.

Gerez was on the verge of graduating from New Orleans State University in 2020 when she was killed.

“When I heard the news, I was devastated,” she told Newsweek.

“At first, I didn’t know what to say.

It was very hard.

She loved her family and wanted us to go out there and work hard to rebuild.” “

But as I got to know her, I realized that she’s a very loving, caring person.

She loved her family and wanted us to go out there and work hard to rebuild.”

Guthzes family was told of her death when they received a phone call on June 8, 2020, from her brother, who said that her family had received a call from the family doctor.

Guthze said that after she received the call, her family was in shock.

“Everything just kept going in my mind, and then the phone rang again and I had to be on the phone,” Guthz said, adding she thought about the impact of the earthquake on the family.

“They told me to come home, but I was in a different place.

I couldn’t be at home.”

Gaithz said she called her husband and told him that she couldn’t go to work because of the stress of her family.

She then called her aunt to tell her that her sister, Terez, had died from the aftershock.

Gaithzes aunt was still in the hospital when Guthzi arrived, and she did a “heart scan” of her and Githzi’s bodies, according to Githzing.

Giths family was devastated when she learned that Githzan had died, and they were in shock for a while.

“In the end, I wanted to be there for her,” Gaithzi said, noting that she felt “like the world had lost a little piece of my life.”

“It took me a long time to get over it,” she added.

Gothz said that she learned about her death during a phone interview with a nurse at Saint-Jean-de-Maura Hospital, the largest hospital in New Jersey.

“If I hadn’t been


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