How to handle an earthquake: New England earthquake

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The New England area is reeling from the devastating magnitude 6.9 earthquake that struck the city late on Friday.

The quake is still being measured, but its likely to be more severe than the 7.8 magnitude quake that hit the city in 2013.

The city is currently under a state of emergency and is being monitored by the National Weather Service.

A New England state of disaster declaration was issued Saturday.

The Boston Globe reports that the quake was felt as far away as New York City and Connecticut.

It’s not clear yet whether the quake will affect flights at the Boston airport.

It could be days before flights resume.

The New England city of Boston has declared a state-of-emergency and has activated the National Guard.

A total of 9,200 federal and state employees have been mobilized, according to the Associated Press.

A statement on the city’s website says, “This will not affect the daily operations of the Boston City Council or its committees and staff.

There is no immediate threat to the public, residents, businesses or government buildings.”

It’s unclear how the quake’s magnitude is likely to affect the airport, which is located in an area of New England that was recently rocked by another major earthquake.

The state of Massachusetts is now asking airports to close for a day to allow for the reopening.

The airport reopened later Saturday.


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