How do you know if an earthquake is a major one?

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If you’ve ever experienced a big earthquake, you may have noticed that the shaking can be severe.

But what’s the difference between a big quake and a “big” one?

There are different levels of shaking, and depending on where you live, the shaking you get is different than the shaking experienced by your neighbors.

A “major” earthquake is the most intense shaking you’ll ever experience.

For example, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake could cause an evacuation, and people are likely to experience pain and suffering as a result.

A minor earthquake, on the other hand, isn’t likely to cause an immediate evacuation.

Major earthquakes are generally accompanied by intense shaking and can cause damage to buildings and people in some areas.

Some areas have been struck by small earthquakes, which don’t cause damage, but can cause serious damage.

The number of earthquakes of the magnitude 6 or greater in the United States has been on the rise for a while.

The National Earthquake Information Center reports there have been more than 2,400 earthquakes in 2017.

While the number of large earthquakes has increased over the last decade, the number and intensity of earthquakes have decreased.

A major earthquake, then, is when the area is under severe stress.

The following table gives you an idea of how shaking can impact your home.

Level of shaking 1 Moderate 2 Strong 3 Very Strong 4 Extreme 5 The next time you’re inside your house, consider putting on your best protective gear.

The next major earthquake is scheduled for the afternoon of July 25.

The shaking could be strong enough to cause widespread damage to homes, and there could be a tsunami warning in effect.

A small quake that isn’t strong enough for a tsunami is a “small” earthquake, meaning it doesn’t pose a threat to people and homes.

A strong earthquake that is strong enough will cause damage.

A weak earthquake that isn


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