California earthquake: US officials call for more evacuations and recovery after quake

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After a powerful earthquake in California, officials in the US state have ordered residents to evacuate.

The US Geological Survey said a quake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale hit near the city of Los Angeles on Monday morning.”

We will keep you posted on any updates as the situation unfolds.”

The US Geological Survey said a quake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale hit near the city of Los Angeles on Monday morning.

The epicentre of the quake was located in a region of the Pacific called the Aleutian Islands, which are located about 2,200km (1,100 miles) east of the US capital Washington.

The USGS said the tremor was felt along much of California, including Los Angeles.

There were no immediate reports of casualties in California or the surrounding areas, and the USGS is sending in disaster response teams to the region.

The Associated Press news agency reported that residents were being urged to stay away from areas of high seismic activity, including the area of the Aleu Islands where the quake struck.

“People are encouraged to keep their windows and doors locked and their pets indoors,” the agency quoted a USGS spokesman as saying.

The tsunami warning is in effect for Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Ventura and San Diego counties, and for parts of California and Arizona.

The earthquake also damaged at a water treatment plant in northern California, but no immediate damage was reported.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) said in a statement that a tsunami warning was in effect, with a maximum of 5.0 on the Meriden Scale.

It said the quake came at a time when the Pacific was experiencing its first major quake in more than 70 years.

“The US Pacific Tsumtra, a precursor of the current Pacific Decadal Scale, indicates that there are multiple potential tsunami hazards in the Pacific basin,” the statement said.

“These hazards include an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 or greater with a 2-km-high (1.8-mile) high tsunami (with a 3-km tsunami to 2.5 km high) that may cause damage to the coastal coast, as well as damage to nearby coastal cities and coastal communities.”

The Pacific Decadent Scale was first issued in 1968, and is based on a review of the seismic activity in the region from 1900 to 1970.

It was developed to help authorities understand how the region is changing, and was published in 1994.

The last Pacific Decentent Scale quake occurred in March 1979, when an earthquake that hit the Hawaiian Islands triggered a massive tsunami that killed more 30,000 people.

A USGS spokeswoman said the agency was working closely with USGS Pacific Tsubunami Response Team, which is responsible for monitoring the Pacific for earthquakes, to ensure there was no disruption to the regional population.

The PTWC said it would work with local governments to ensure public safety was not affected by the tsunami.

“We have been working closely over the past two days to identify the immediate impacts to residents, communities and infrastructure, as we work to ensure the safety of everyone in the affected areas,” it said.

“Residents are encouraged for additional information, including evacuation plans, and to be vigilant in their preparations.”


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