How to watch ‘The Great Batshitcher’ and the rest of the show at ESPN, but be warned…

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The Great Baseshitcher was an entertaining, well-crafted episode that was a joy to watch, but also a bit of a spoiler, especially for those who had not seen the episode before. 

There were plenty of moments of humor throughout the episode, from some of the most hilarious lines of dialogue to the occasional punchline. 

While it was a great episode, it’s the episode that most people have forgotten. 

For those who have not seen it, here are the highlights.

The episode begins with the show’s narrator, a comedian named Mike Loughlin, and his friends sitting around the table and discussing the show. 

The group was discussing a series of incidents that happened a few years ago that are very common to the comedy world: a group of women, who were drinking and partying, had an accident in the pool and had to go to the hospital, and their friends tried to help them. 

After the accident, the women, now drunk and drugged, were found in a hotel room with three other people and two men. 

When the women awoke, they were found to be pregnant, and the police were called. 

In the episode we see the women’s friends talking about how much their actions affected the outcome of the accident. 

“It made me think about that, because it’s not something that happens every night, it happens every couple of days,” Loughlins friend says. 

They were both shocked by what they had just witnessed, and then they both started to cry. 

Loughlin asks his friend what happened, and Loughs friend says he had to tell him about it. 

Then he remembers that he had a friend who had gone to a party, and that he told him about the accident in his sleep. 

He says it was hard to keep the memory straight and to keep himself from telling people about the event. 

This is where things got weird, because Loughlers friend was going to tell everyone about the party the night before.

 Laughing, Lough and his friend get ready to tell their friends about it, but Loughins friend starts crying. 

Mike Loughin asks his buddy, “What happened? 

What did I do?” 

“I’m a guy. 

I’m not gonna tell you,” Loughtins friend says, before laughing at Lough’s reaction. 

Another funny moment comes when Loughis friend, now a doctor, says that the police will not do anything to help the women in the hotel room. 

But the woman, now pregnant, says, “It didn’t take them too long.” 

Loughtins friends reaction was similar. 

 Then, Loughtin’s friend says that Lough is a good man, and he should be happy that they are not going to jail. 

It was then, Lighlin says, that the two of them started talking about what happened to the women and the way it affected them.

Loughlins brother is now a cop. 

Now, Laughlin is the police chief. 

At the end of the episode the two friends go home, but Mike Laughlin tells his brother, “You were just a kid, you didn’t know what was going on.” 

Mike tells his friends, “We had fun. 

We just talked about how stupid we were.” 

“You were only 12 years old, but we all had a lot of fun,” Laughlin says.

“That was a really fun night.” 

The show ends with Loughini and his brothers being interviewed by a news reporter. 

What I thought was the funniest part of the whole episode was when Laughlin said that his brother is a cop, because he was a little surprised. 

I guess the only way to know that was to watch the show, because I had no idea who Mike Lougins brother was before.


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